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Bangalore Bus Guide

Bangalore, the IT capital of India has BMTC offering bus services to commuters, but most of us are not aware on the types of buses that are running in Bangalore. We often see a variety of colourful buses, but behind each colur there is uniqueness and price difference for these services. Here's a detailed guide to these colourful buses.

In Bangalore there are Four main bus stands where most of the city buses start from:

1. Kempegowda Bus Stand also known as Majestic bus stand.
2. KR Market Bus Stand  near City Corporation
3. Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand near MG Road
4. Shanti Nagar Bus Stand near Wilson Garden

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 Here are the various types of BMTC buses operating in Bangalore

 Bus pic



Atal Sarige: Low cost Service

The cheapest bus meant for the poor and the labour class to travel.

This bus doesn't has any seats like regular buses. But has two long benches and a lot of place for passengers to stand.

Most of these buses can be found on the city outskirts like Peenya Industrial area, KR Puram, etc connecting weaker economic places to Industrial areas.

A good initiative by BMTC , but unfortunately this service has failed to attract the labour class since most of them are not aware what does this bus stands for.

 Black board:  Regular Service

These BMTC buses operate within a few Kilometers from the heart of the city.  

The prices of Black Board buses are cheaper than the read board buses. 

Most of these buses are either Tata or Ashok Leyland built. However there are some buses with Eicher chaisis also.

 Black board Air Suspension : Regular Service

The new Tata Marcopolo Semi Low floor buses have air suspension and Electronic boards.

These black board buses also operate
within a few Kilometers from the heart of the city. 

These buses comes with 2+2 split seats. These buses are more comfortable than the regular balack board bus. 

 Mini buses : Regular Service

There are both Black and Red board Mini buses operating in Bangalore.

Most of these buses act as a connecting bus to main bus stands.

All these Mini buses are Swaraj Mazda manufactured. Off late BMTC has stopped adding mini buses due to poor condition of these buses.


Red board : Regular Service

These buses are similar to black board regular service but the red board indicates that these buses travel longer distances compared to black board buses and covers places outside key city limits and to village areas around Bangalore.

The ticket rates are also higher compared to black board buses. 


 Red board Air Suspension : Regular Service

These buses are similar to regular red board buses.

The only extra thing in these buses is split seats and air suspension.








 Suvarna - 3 door


Suvarna Pushpak


 Big 10: Green


 Big 10: Blue Express


Big Circle : Ring Road Service


 Red Suvarna


Tata Marcopolo : Air Condition Service


 Vajra Volvo: Air Condition Service 


 Vayu Vajra: Airport Special

These are special Volvo buses Exclusively Connecting Banagalore International airport to many important areas in the city.

The special feature of the bus is these buses have specially designed luggage carriers within the bus.

There is also in house entertainment with FM radio and some buses also have Video screens just like high end flights.

Recently Wifi services was launched in few buses.

 Mercedes Benz: Air Condition Service 


 Special Buses:

BMTC also has a variety of special bus services like Hospital Special, Mall Special, Womens Special, Bus with Library, Pass bus, Railway station Special,  etc