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Corona Bus Review

KSRTC Ambari AC Sleeper Bus Review


Corona is a Indian bus manufacturer based out of Pune. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation - KSRTC has introduced these Corona buses just a few years back under its service. The AC sleeper services are called as Ambaari.

I had seen this bus quite a few times in Bangalore and was very excited when then launched it in the Bangalore - Mangalore route. But always getting tickets during the weekends was a problem. And I usually book the tickets just a few days in advance seeing my work schedule. At last I got a chance to travel in the KSRTC Ambaari - Corona sleeper bus.

My first travel on the KSRTC Ambaari - Corona Sleeper between Bangalore and Mangalore was completely disappointing. I had some good expectations from the Corona sleeper since it looks like any other high end luxury bus. The Exterior looks are excellent and paint quality is also good. From outside you feel it as a premier luxury bus just like Volvo’s or Mercedes. Corona is a rear engine bus with Cummins engine. Its a 2+ 1 Sleeper coach with a total 32 berths, fully air conditioned.

Coming into the bus the interior quality is very good. The curtains, bed fabric, etc. Even better than Volvo's. Gies a royal feel when you enter the bus. Fit and Finish inside is excellent. I would give a Excellent rating on it. Corona being a Indian manufacturer has done a good work on it. I loved the bed design, its curve shaped and supports your back well. You don’t feel any rolling in the ghat section. I think it’s the best design of Sleeper bus I had seen till now.

Also cool air was not coming and the driver had switched off  the AC and just the fan was running. When he turned on the AC  again a lot of sound was coming from the blower. Its very noisy , your sleep gets completely disturbed. In middle of night you actually get scared by the sudden blowing sound. It’s that bad. I don’t know whether its due to poor maintenance or a design defect. Also there is no luggage holder to keep small bags.. unlike other sleepers. Dash board is pretty sad. Corona could have done it better. It looks cheap.

But hold on... All is not well. Getting on the Upper Sleeper is difficult. Since there are no side rods to catch. Its very difficult to catch the bus on the move. The Pillow is very hard to sleep. AC is pathetic. There is no air circulation, a serious design problem. Single sleeper has only 1 AC vent which can’t be turned in all direction. The air just flows in one direction. And for double sleeper there is only 2. Unlike regular AC buses which has 4 AC vents which can turn in all direction.