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Kalgreen Valley

Kalgreen Valley Resort , Kalaspura,  Koppa Taluk, Chickmaglur District, Karnataka, India

September 2010: Visit to Kalgreen Valley was a sudden plan, we wanted some good place to stay during our trip to Horanadu and Sringeri. We didn't wanted to stay in the regular hotels, so was looking for a unique place out from the regular tourist trails and wanted to have a relaxing holiday.

While searching online for some home stays and resorts near Kemangundi and Chickmaglur. I remembered the TV ad which used to come in our local TV channel in Mangalore about a resort near Chickmaglur, that was the Kalgreen Valley resort at Koppa, got a link to their website in some travel portal , the place was looking good, I was also happy to hear that the Kalgreen Valley resort belonged to a Mangalorean. So we decided to select this place. A single call got the bookings confirmed. Other than the website pics and travel reviews we didn't had any knowledge of the resort. No one knew about this place, But we still decided to go ahead and explore.

From Horanadu, we left to Kalgreen Valley in Koppa Taluk in Chickmaglur District. From Hornadu there is a direct road to Jayapura which then leads to Koppa. This route is just amazing and has many waterfalls. You can just park your car and head directly to water falls. The water is crystal clean and cold like fridge water. We took our own time and enjoyed this route. The scenes are awesome.

Kalgreen Valley is around 2.5 KMS before Koppa. If you are coming from Chickmaglur side you need to take a right to the resort, from the main road the resort is around 9.5KMS. But the rains and the fog made the visibility go down. It was a slow drive till we saw the diversion board. The powerful head lights of Skoda which has a visibility of almost a kilometer, was just reduced to hardly some 5 to 10 meters in some places. The fog was thick and you can’t see anything outside. Outside the village limits there are hardly any street lights. At last we found the direction to our resort. It was a experience of a life time, a 9.5KM stretch completely dark and only the car lights.

But on the way in the dark we found people walking, they also guided us to the resort. Don’t get scared in this part of the country, there are houses around, which are visible in day time and villagers will guide you well. Later deep inside the road we found some houses and small shops also. It was amazing to see some light after some half an hour driving in dark. The road was bad but its manageable and we reached safely by 8PM to Kalgreen Valley in Kalaspura.

There was unusual noise coming from the dark, some sounds I was familiar. It was the sound of frogs and insects. But there was a peculiar sound which we were wondering, later we found that it was the sound of peacock crying. Don’t worry there are no ghosts around. Locals walk for Kilometers daily even in the dark in these roads. It was a experience which you will never forget.  The dead end of the road is Kalgreen Valley. Once inside the gate a few more meters you can see the light of the house, it was a welcome sign for us. Our host welcomed us with warmth.
The Kalgreen Valley Bungalow is on a hill top of the estate. Its almost a KM from our Host's house and here only four wheel drive vehicles can go. We parked our Fabia in their house and hopped into their Jeep. The ride inside the estate was exciting with cool air blowing.

We had a warm welcome by the care taker of the bungalow, who showed the rooms. The rooms were pretty big, the wood works impressed up.  There was also DTH connection and the bath room even had a tub. The place looked neat and clean. Its more like a home stay than like a professional resort. We had a nice dinner and ended our day with enjoying the sounds of the nature in the balcony.  At last got a place which was so peaceful and silent with lot of fresh air, away from all the traffic and city life.

Will be writing soon.....

Check out my Photo Gallery for pics of Kalgreen valley.



Route: Hornadu – Baleholle – Basrikatte – Jayapura – Kalaspura.