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KSRTC Sleeper Bus Review

KSRTC few months back launched their Non AC Sleeper service. Bangalore to Mangalore was also one of the routes where KSRTC Non AC Sleeper services were added. Though there are a lot of private bus operators offering sleeper service to Mangalore from long time. KSRTC at last realized the potential of this service and launched the Sleeper Service to Mangalore route as well.

KSRTC Sleeper bus coach has been designed and built by KSRTC Regional Workshop in Bangalore. The buses have been built on Tata Chasis and there are 32 Sleeper berths in the bus.

My first Travel in KSRTC Sleeper bus was in December 2011 from Bangalore to Mangalore and just a few days back in Feb 2012 I did My second travel in KSRTC Sleeper bus from Mangalore to Bangalore .

Coming to the booking process, KSRTC has made a wonderful website where You can book your tickets online without any hassle.

Here's the first travel review.

I arrived in KBS bus stand in Bangalore almost an hour before the bus time to do some photo hunting of buses. To my surprise My bus to Mangalore was already in the bus stand and was standing in one corner. Soon went around to have a good look at it. The bus was looking beautiful from outside . The paint and graphics were simple but was looking elegant on the bus. The tinted black glass and cream colour made the bus look very beautiful. It was much similar to KSRTC Corona Sleeper bus graphics. Was very much pleased with the exterior of the bus.

Coming to the interior of the bus. On the inside it was looking exactly like the Corona Sleeper bus. The fabrics, design all resembled the Corona sleeper bus. KSRTC had well understood customer requirements and had designed the interior of the bus well. It was convenient for customers to climb up to the upper sleeper. The berths were 'U' shaped to prevent rollover in ghat section roads. There was a separate pillow kept for each sleeper.

The KSRTC Sleeper bus on the inside had royal looks with silk like dark cream curtains. There were mobile charger as well as mini lights for all sleepers.


Passengers were all on time, but a few sleepers were empty. The conductor waited for some more passengers to fill in the remaining berths. After a while the bus started and was slowly moving making its way in the crowded Bangalore traffic. 

Once the KSRTC Sleeper bus left the city , the bus was going very slow. This was because all the KSRTC buses have been fitted with Speed Governors. The ride was very comfortable and soon I went into deep sleep. The bus halted at Chenrayapatna for a Tea break and after 20 odd mins the bus started again.

I wished the KSRTC Should have built the Sleeper bus on Ashok Leyand Chassis. The pick up was sad. Also the cabin was very basic, nothing impressive for drivers.

The bus was smoothly sailing and passed the Shiradi ghat with ease. The 'U' type berths made the roll over less in zig zag ghat roads.

The climate was cool outside and again got a good sleep. But when I woke up early morning the bus still was around 30 KMS away from Mangalore. Due to the Speed Governor the bus could not make up for the lost time and arrived in Mangalore almost an hour late.

Overall had a very comfortable ride but was not as exciting as private buses due to the speed governors.