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Mobile Number Portability

I think most of you would have heard about the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in recent times.  MNP was launched 20th Jannuary 2011.  So many would be wondering How does MNP exactly work and what is the procedure for MNP, etc .  A few days back I started the MNP process and Today ( March 8th 2011) I have freely moved between operator retaining my old number. So thought of sharing my new experience on MNP with you all.
What does exactly MNP mean?
Mobile Number Portability in short is a service where you can switch your Mobile service operator without changing your old number. 
What is the advantage of MNP service?
Most of you like me would be unhappy with your mobile service operator, but since you have give the numbers to all in your family, friends, business circles and others you would not think to change the number.   So be it good or bad service you still stick on to your mobile service provider just to retain your mobile number. With MNP now you can move between operators by keeping your same old number.  
Why did I use MNP service?
I was a pretty old customer of Reliance CDMA service, I had been using thier serive since more than 6 years. But off late like many other operators started cheating and also started ignoring customer complaints.  Here are the reasons for which I chaged my serivce provider
1: Tele Marketers Mess: Despite repeated complaints on Telecallers calling during office time , no action was taken. Every day I used to get calls from Tele Marketers offering either Credit card, Loans, etc.  This was despite being my number registered in DND service.  Even after repaeated complaints for 9 months , nothing happened. Everytime I used to get a refrence number and end result is zero.
2. Unwanted SMS : God knows why operators keep flodding Inboxes of customers with SMS.  Simply like fools they keep sending SMS without even thinking whether it is relavent or not. As far as I know nearly 99% of the people just ignore the SMS or just delete it. What is the use of sending SMS when a person is not interested.  I stay in Bangalore, but sometime I used to get SMS of some s billhop opening in Mumbai or Delhi.  How far is this relavent, it is just insane to send such SMS.
3: Cheating even Loyal Customers: I had deactivated my caller tune some months back and even got a confirmation about it. But when I saw my monthly bill the charges for caller tune was there. I made a complaint and got a reference number. The call center guys told we will get back to you. But nothing happened. Month after month the caller tune charges kept on coming. 
4. Activation of VAS services without informing and charging for it:  Without My kinowledge Reliance guys actiavted some Mobile Video serice and It was getting charged monthly.  These mobile operators are big cheaters. Without customer knowledge they have activated some service which I am not using. But still I have to pay it in my bill.  Even after telling them they did not take any action or refund the money.
5. Frequency of Call drops: Off late Reliance call quality has droipped and often I used to face the probelm of call drops. And like any complaint, nothing changed.
So at last I also decided its time for me to teach them a lesson. Despite being a loyal customer they just cheated and broke my heart.  Now it was my time to say good bye to them.  Due to all these factors I decided to go on for MNP service.
How does  MNP service work?
You just need to send a SMS to 1900 , the message content would be  " PORT"(without quotes) <space> 10 digit of your Mobile number.  After which you will get a Porting number.
So what are the steps and formalities for MNP service?
Now check out which other service provider is the best, fill the MNP form and provide the Porting number to the new operator.You also need to submit one Photo, address proof , ID proof, your last bill and last payment reciept while filling the form.What else, That's it. Its very simple.
The new operator will provide a new SIM card which you would need to replace in your mobile once the old operator service is disconnected.
Once you have given the  MNP form, the process would take 7 working days for Mobile Number Portability.
So what happens next?
The next part was funniest, till now I used to call the customer care of Reliance and tell my complaints. But once i send the message PORT, I recieved 3 calls from Reliance to convience me not to leave the operator. But I clearly told them what had happened in the last 9 months and made them realize thier foolish acts.  I was providing them a monthly revenue of Rs 600 to Rs 800. But they were greedy and activated unnecessary VAS service and billed me 60 RS more every month. And my complaints fell at deaf ears.  So for getting additional 10% more they just lost a loyal customer for ever.  God knows when these operators will realize thier mistakes.
I even got a call from Reliance head office stating they would offer me 6 months rental fee wavier and promissed me to set right everything. For once I thought this would be a good option. But the next day did things change, nothing. Everything was same as any other day. Got some stupiud messages and even got a message saying again your caller tune would be charged.  So the saying " Dogs tail cannot be made straight" still holds good.
How and when you will come to know that your old number is going to get de activated?
I got a message on the 7th day from Aircel my new operator.  The Mobile Number Portability would happen at 11 PM . And even the Aircel office person told it will happen during the night .  But on the 7th day nothing happened.
8th Day morning I checked with them again that nothing had happened.  But suddenly on 8th day afternoon, my Reliance CDMA service atlast left the world to be reborn again after two hours with Aircel. 
I was happy to see My number again getting a rebirth with Aircel. And hope my numbers new life would be happy.
So what's next?
Next is the turn to change my other number my good old Airtel number. But again its the same sad story of without informing chaning tariff plans and over charging.
So what are you all waiting for, if your mobile service provider is cheating you its you time to get freedom form them . The new war has begun, its time for customers to fight back till operators fall in line.