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Sringeri Trip

Ruote: Koppa - Sringeri - Jayapura - Balehonnuru - Aldur - Chickmaglur - Belur - Hassan - Kunigal - Bangalore



We left Kalgreen Valley in Kalaspura around 8AM and headed towards Koppa. On the way we found the only bus coming towards Kalaspura.  This was the only bus which goes to Kalaspura from Koppa. It has 3 trips a day, I think the bus runs more like a social service since they hardly get few passengers. We had to take a reverse for the bus to pass.The interior roads in Malnad region are narrow so if two vehicles come on the same path one needs to take reverse.    The only people living in this part of the country are estate owners and estate guards and workers.  



Koppa town came as a big suprise after coming out of the coffee gardens. The city was pretty big and had a well built bus stand with few buses. Unfortunately even in big cities we donot find spacious bus stands. The roads in Koppa city were of concrete, suprisingly even in Bangalore there are no such long concrete roads are there.  The town had all essential things.  There were 2 ATMS also in the city.


We took the NH 13 from Koppa to Sringeri, the road condition was very good. But dont try to spped up, there are many sharp curves and there are a few single lane bridges. The route is green with forests and paddy fields. We found a lot of cows coming on the way. One more thing you can notice is these cows are smaller in size.
Sringeri Sharadamba temple is one of the ancient temples established by Shankaracharya. This was my 5th visit to Sringeri.  The city has grown a lot when I compare it with my first visit. Now there are plenty of hotels and a lot of shops have come around. Climate was warm compared to Koppa.
There are two main temples in Sringeri and there are a few smaller temples, all inside the same  temple complex. The main attraction of Sringeri is the stone carved giant temple on the banks of river Tunga. There are a lot of big fihes in the river and you can stnad on the banks to feed these fishes. Some of the fishes are more than one feet in length. 
There is a bridge which connects the temple complex to the garden and Matt on the other side of the bank. From the bridge you can also see Adi Sringeri where Shankaracharya meditated.