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Hello, My name is Yeshwanth Kadri and here is my blog, I am sharing my experiences and useful information for travelers and automobile lovers. Do enjoy reading. It's been almost 4 years since I updated my blog, apologies for the same. Life is sometimes strange, challenges are a part and parcel of life. I am back now, this is November 2017. And here I am slowly updating my blog again. The good news is now I have become a Tech freak as well, learnt some of the web development tools and in the process of learning a few more advanced tools.

In the First section there is a Exclusive collection of Automobile photography and also some beautiful tourist spots mostly from Karnataka and a few more places from India. But this automobile photography is a bit unique than others since it has more of Commercial Vehicles and Off road Vehicles. Most people go behind cars and bikes, but I like to go behind big vehicles. The main attraction in my gallery are the different types of buses.

Also in this section I have shared some Exclusive collection of Distances between places which I noted during some of my travels. I thought of sharing these distance to You all since most of the time these distances and routes are not available in maps. Also there are Popular tourist routes to Coastal and Western Karnataka in this site.

Getting into blogging was just accidental, but i liked the concept of blogging where one gets a platform to share his/her views. Though I am not a professional blogger , I have shared some of my views on few topics which includes automobile reviews, travelogue's and a exclusive guide on buses. As of now a few pages are complete, hope to add more topics soon. The uniqueness of my blog is its not a fancy blog to get entertained but its more of informative blog which helps people to know some interesting things.

I also have a hobby of collecting links of website which are useful. This section features some of the important and useful website links of day to day use. This site was primarily designed as a link site, the idea behind making this site was to give easy access to Popular websites just by a click. Often we visit many sites but when required we actually forget the site name and try searching hard again in Google. You can make this site as a homepage, which will help you to remember the websites and so No need of searching or typing the website address again and again.

The most popular link pages in this site are the online ticket bookings which I have collected. The unique thing about these pages is that You can get direct links to Bus Operators website, various railways sites and also flight booking sites all at one place, no need of searching here and there. Also there are links to online Maps, Hotels & Resort bookings, Movie Ticket Booking. This section has also a page dedicated to Government websites of India wherein you can find information on Income Tax, Passport, Provident Fund, Central Excise rules, Right to Information, etc.

Mangalore is a town located in the western coast of India in Karnataka state. Mangalore is special to Me since its my hometown and I love the city a lot. But most of the websites related to Mangalore do not have complete information about tourist places, travel information, website links, etc this made me to make a section in this site which has some unique and useful information of Mangalore. Soon more pages would be added soon.


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