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Welcome to Yeshwanth Live.com, this is my personal website created as a hobby and is dedicated to all my friends and  people who are interested in Automobiles, Travel and Photography.  
My name is Yeshwanth Kadri, I am from India. Many know me  by my User ID called 'Kadri007'  which I generally use in some of the Travel and Automobile forums. 

I was born in Coastal city of Mangalore m where I completed my graduation and then moved to Bangalore to complete my Post Graduation.  Currently I am heading the Market Research vertical in one of the companies.

Automobiles have been my passion from childhood days and currently it has become a part and parcel of my life.  My  first  love has been Commercial Vehicles especially buses.
There is a saying in English "Traveling makes a Man perfect" , as per my experience this proverb is very true. In India when you travel by road you experience and encounter with so many moments , that at times it will just make you to re look at your busy life.  This world is beautiful and you can experience it only when you get out of your busy city life and keep meeting people around.

Nature has always been very close to me, since I was brought up in the lush green surroundings of Mangalore.  Animals have always been closer to my heart and they are so pure at heart compared to the human race. Back home earlier  I had a small army of Cats. Keep missing them in Bangalore.
My Hobbies:
Like everyone I too have some small time hobbies which I indulge during my free time.   Though not a professional photographer I spend most of my time on Automobile photography, hunting for new vehicles, especially buses.  I keep collecting Automobile pics and keep posting it regularly (almost weekly) in my Photo Album in Picasa and in forums.  During my childhood days I used to collect paper cuttings of Automobiles from Newspapers and keep it in my diaries. But over the years the digital industry has changed the life and these days compact camera's and the web world has made much easier to share photos among friends.
Though I am not a software engineer, I have a hobby of web designing and experimenting with computers. From a very long time I wanted to have a website of my own where in I can share information which would be useful to others. So as a hobby I started building my website just by trail and error. Initially I didn't knew head nor tail of web designing so my first 3 websites have been a utter flop. My first website came way back in 1998, with not much seriousness.  Please don't ask the names of these sites, since the service provides are also resting in peace.  
My Website:
In 2009 I was determined to make a good website which will help people. Thus my website 'Yeshwanth Live' came into existence.  It is called live because the website is updated regularly at frequent intervals and would be always vibrant.  Yeshwanth Live.com came into existence on 7th October 2009 and went live on 1st January 2009.
Initially my website was more of a link site, where all the best websites in each category were present. In simple its a one stop solution for getting information on any general day to day topics which other wise people would have to search over Google or any other search engine. 
Getting into blogging was purely accidental, when I became a member in Team BHP, a automobile forum in India  I started the habit of blogging by writing small automobile reviews and sharing travel tips to foreign travelers in India Mike.   I also was a member in Skyscraper City Forum, its one of the best forum on Infrastructure and Transport.    I continued my blogging in these forum's.  But it was becoming difficult for me to track my reviews when my friends asked for it.  Since my posts were spread across various threads in multiple forums searching it was not a easy task. So at last thought let me keep all my Automobile reviews and Travelogues at one place. That's how I started My blog.  Though I started blogging in 2010 I have still not become a professional blogger due to lack of time, I prefer going out and do photo hunting than sitting in front of  speechless screen.
In October 2011 I started my Photo Blog, its a more organized photo album than my Picasa album.  
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