1. My Travel Guide

 I am a regualr traveler on Indian Roads. I love visting tourist places and exploring the country side.   Each place in India is so unique and that's something which must never be missed in a life time.  The experiences which you have exploring India is something which cannot be put on words. 


India's vibrant culture and traditions changes from place to place.  I have not seen any place in India which are comparable.  Hence these unique experiences is what makes India so special and one of the best tourist destinations around the world.


The Idea of 'My Travel Guide'  came to me , since often I used to get mails from travelers from India as well as abroad asking for travel guidance  like route, places to see, road conditions, etc.  


Also I have become a moving Travel Guide since I keep getting calls from my friends and office collegues on travel guidance and suggestions. 


Though I have not explored all  the places in India, I thought atleast I can put up a small travel guide to help travelers who may be looking at places which I have already explored.


So 'My Travel Guide' is a quick, unique and simple guide for travelers based on my travel experiences. 
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